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I visited the lovely town of Kissfall the other day, and forgot to post the pictures I took… better late than never though, right?
the whole town is super adorable, and I love that there are all sorts of fun surprises laid out to play with while you’re running around >3<
I definitely recommend paying Spoony’s town a visit if you have the time, it was lots of fun to explore.
you can find the dream address by clicking the link to her tumblr up above.

Thanks so much for visiting Kissfall!! <3 Cute pics


Florence ♡ 6800-2242-5194
I adore this town! It’s so pretty yet still seems very natural…it defiantly has a calming aura about it.


Florence  6800-2242-5194

I adore this town! It’s so pretty yet still seems very natural…it defiantly has a calming aura about it.



A lot of people say that Tom Nook is just a money-grubbing business man, who doesn’t care about much else, and for awhile so did I.

But this shows that he thinks about people other than himself, and this isn’t all

He hired his 2 nephews and helped them grow their business to make their own company, they’ve said themselves he taught them everything they know.

He’s given houses (essentially) for free to random strangers, and yes he did ask for a lot, but he didn’t give you a time restraint or interest on it.

It may seem like he forces you to work to pay off your debts, but are you sure he isn’t just helping you get on your feet by giving you, an untrained newcomer, a part-time job?

Some people like to look at him with spite in their eyes, but I know he’s just trying to do his best.

His “nephews” arent even his nephews he took them in off the street and calls them his “nephews” so people won’t ask questions about relations and whatnot.

He then taught them business and then handed over his store chain to them, and even checks up on them every once in a while :3


Avatar the Last Airbender, Kyoshi warrior outfit


plot resetting


plot resetting


what the heck is on her table in the 3rd picture? i want it.